3 Reasons a Fleet Tracking System Will Become Your New BFF


Timer Stopwatch Challenge

I want to propose a challenge. What I want you to do, is get every single person who talks to drivers or employees a stop watch. With their new toy they are to start the timer every time they have to pick up the phone to see where a driver is, and stop the time when they hang up. This needs to happen every time they need to call and talk to a driver. Have everyone do this for 1 day. At the end of the day have them write the time that is on their personal timer. One of two things are going to happen when you start timing every call with your drivers:

1) You are going to realize that you know what's going on, but you don't really know where everyone is.

2) Its going to shock you how much time your company actually spends on the phone trying to get everyone corralled.

Now, I know you're not really going to go out and buy every single person a stopwatch, but that should get you thinking back to a time where you had to call your driver and see where they are. Even if one phone call takes three minutes, take that by ten drivers ten times a day. If my math skills are any good that should come out to five hours. That's an entire morning gone on the phone. There has got to be a better way.


Your New Best Friend - Fleet Management & Tracking!

This new found friend of yours is meant to create more time and take the headache out of dispatching and deploying your drivers. Here are three reasons to use a fleet tracking system:

1. Reduce Time on the Phone

Fleet tracking makes it easy to search for a driver and find their location in seconds. Take for instance, if you need to find out which one of your vehicles is closest to a service call. Wouldn't it be easier to type that address in and see what employee is closet to that call? Of course it would. Before tracking you would have to dial up all your employees that you think are closest and hope they answer. Now, believe it or not sometimes your people aren't going to answer, which in turn means you have to make another call. The less time you spend on the phone the better. It will free up time to complete other tasks at hand. Instead of having to make ten calls, you might only have to make one. That one call will at least be to the correct employee.

2. Increase Response Time

This goes hand in hand with time on the phone. When you pull up your vehicles you will see who is closest. You can get a hold of them right away, get a response time, call you customer and let them know the time frame within seconds. This creates a quicker response time than if you had to call a service vehicle that is 60 miles away. The quicker you can get to your customers that happier they will be, and more likely to keep using your service. Repeat customers are the the best customers.

3. Take the Headache Out of Dispatch

Fleet tracking allows you to keep all your vehicles and equipment in check. You will have total view of your workers and where they are located. Think about how much easier dispatching would be if you could view the vehicles you are dispatching. You know exactly where they are at the moment you have to get them somewhere. This helps with timing, efficiency, and productivity. Those are the three areas that will reduce your overhead and help increase revenue. The ability to see how your company is moving throughout the day will make it easier to manage on the fly. Not to mention making the correct decision every time.

Fleet tracking is becoming an asset companies are using to gain an edge on the competition. They are using it as a way to prove how good they are and results are backing up this technology. A 5% reduction in operating cost has the same P&L impact of a 30% increase in sales. 5% in operating cost is as simple as cutting just minutes off of route. 30% can help a lot of companies. When are you going to get your 30%?

I appreciate you reading this and allowing me to share what fleet tracking can do for you company. I'm dedicated to helping your company and getting you the efficiency and productivity you want. As always, you can connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Efficiency Hunting!

Ian Beaton

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  1. Peter on April 11, 2018 at 4:48 am

    Absolutely a great post !

    Very nicely described blog. It is true that Now a days fleet tracking is an important factor to track the vehicle’s location. I will definitely use the tracker in my vehicle.

    Thank you for your valuable information.

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