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5 Questions You Need To Ask While Searching for a Fleet Tracking System

5 questions you need to ask while searching for a fleet tracking system

Making the decision to begin the search for the right fleet tracking system can be a daunting task. There are so many different vendors, features, and benefits that you may not know where to start, or all the right questions to ask. That is why we made it easier for you and prepared a list of 5 questions you need to ask while searching for a fleet tracking system. That way you won't be surprised by any "after the dotted line is signed" surprises.

1. What Are ALL the Terms of Doing Business with Your Fleet Tracking Company?

Simple enough question, but there is more to it you need to get answered. You need to find out if you need to sign a contract or pay an annual fee. Most companies are going to make you sign a contract that you can't get out of unless you buy out the remainder of that contract. In most cases, that results in tens of thousands of dollars, or you have to stick out the 2-3 more years with a system that doesn't fit your company. Another part of that is, do I need to pay an annual service fee on top of the contract? What happens when they update software? Do you need to pay an upgrade fee?  Now, these mini questions all result from the big question of "what are ALL the terms of doing business with you?"

2. How Fast Does Your Vehicle Location Update, and Is There a Fee for Faster Times?

Depending on what exactly your operational needs are, vehicle location updates can be a huge concern. Companies may tell you that they have real-time updates, but come to find out their vehicle location only updates every 2-3 minutes. Well, if you need to know right now where your guys are, 2-3 minutes is too long to wait. That makes giving turn-by-turn directions and load planning a little harder. You need to ask how fast does it update, and if they charge you extra for quicker update times. This will ensure that the system you are looking for will update as quickly as you need it to.

3. Is Your Fleet Tracking Platform a SaaS (software-as-a-service), or is it Download and Integrate. And How Long Will it Take to Adapt and Learn?

I know it's a two-part question, but an essential question that goes unasked almost 100% of the time. SaaS only requires you to use the internet to sign into your account and is usually cloud-based, meaning you don't need to download or update anything. On the other hand, if you need to integrate with the company, this will be more expensive and time-consuming.

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Now, the biggest fear everyone has is; how long will this take to learn to use and what's this going to cost me for training? That's right, some companies charge you for training. Some training takes months to learn, and months to integrate.  This is a must ask question "how easy is it to learn, and how long will it take to learn? I can't stress this question enough. There are companies out there that you can learn to use in one day that is very reasonable in cost.

4. How Do the Units Get Installed and What Happens When You Update Your Fleet Tracking System?

This is another two-part question, but you should start to think this way as you're looking for a company.

  • Razor #1

    Are they going to charge you to send out three technicians to install your units, or are you going to installing them yourself?

  • Razor #2

    If the company updates their system, do you need to buy new units and then pay again to have technicians come out and take out the old units and install the new ones, and now get charged for further training?

5. The Last Question is One Your Need to Ask Yourself. Is This a Fleet Tracking Company I Want to Work With?

This is often an unasked question. There are plenty of sites you can visit to see reviews of customer service and company ratings – so many in fact that you should never be surprised by how you will get treated by that particular company. You also need to ask yourself if you feel that you will get treated the same whether you have two vehicles or 2,000 vehicles. What is the customer service like? Are you going to be on hold for an hour, or have to talk to a computer? Is there 24/7 support? You are going to be working with this company a lot, and you need to make sure that the people you are in contact with are a good fit for you.

Fleet Tracking Vendor Questions Summary

So there you have it. 5 key questions you need to ask next time you are in a meeting with a fleet tracking company to make sure they are the right fit for you. If you want to find out what other questions you should be asking or you want to meet with Razor Tracking and ask us those 5 questions, get ahold of our sales team or follow us on Facebook and send us a message. We would love to meet with you and answer any questions you may have!


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