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Benefits & Features of Fleet Tracking

A Guide To Streamlining Management, Increasing Efficiency, and Maximizing Profits.

How Fleet Tracking Makes A Difference

See a 30% Performance Increase Within The First 60 Days

Fleet Tracking Increases Productivity

Streamline management, dispatching, driver location, and equipment performance with Razor Tracking.
See an increase in productivity of up to 30% per season.

Fleet Tracking Lowers Equipment Costs

Fleet tracking means you can do more with less, and have the possibility to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating unneeded equipment.

Fleet Tracking Increases Service

With Razor Tracking, whether you're in agriculture or construction, the ability to provide the best service or increase your services area is what will help carry your company into the future.

Accurate Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking ensures you are in the correct field, making deliveries to the right location, and increasing the transparency of performance.

Track The Safety and Security of Your Fleet

With Razor Tracking you can receive alerts on speeding vehicles, harsh braking, and poor driving. Never lose a tank, pull cart, or trailer. Save money and gain peace of mind.

Fleet Tracking Means Lower Operational Costs

When your company uses fleet tracking, you can decrease load times by 50%, gas consumption by up to 15%, and unneeded employee time on IFTA reports, phone calls and dispatching.

Track Your Fleet From Anywhere in the World.

Razor Tracking is the Most Advanced Operations Tool for Your Business.



Ride Shot Gun From Your Office

Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Year with a Better View of Your Operations

Multiple Views


Vehicle Grouping & Departments


Geofencing & Points of Interest


Vehicle Details


Vehicle Map History


"It is a convenience to communicate with our customers on what time they can expect us at their farm and making sure our drivers are going to the right location."


Mike Wolf, CHS Sunprairie

More Service with Less Overhead

Get an Instant Look at Your Operations With Everything on One Screen

Maintenance Management


Vehicle Management


People Management with Heirarcy


Mobile App Management


Talk to a Fleet Tracking Expert

Evaluate Your Fleet's Performance With Razor Tracking's Customized Reports.

See How Your Fleet Tracking Decisions Turn into Real Results.


Scheduled Reports


Activity Reporting


Current Status


Vehicle History


IFTA Reports


"Some of our business units have been able to reduce their fleet by one machine and in some cases as many as two. With each machine costing in excess of $300,000 that turns into a significant return by using Razor Tracking."


Tom Lehar, VP Northland Region, CHS

So... Get Ready for an Improved Fleet BecauseRazor Tracking Has a 98% Retention Rate

Plus, You'll Also Get These Bonuses at No Extra Cost To You:


No Contract Fleet Tracking

We’re so confident that our tracking software will improve your bottom line that we don’t require service terms.

6-Month Seasonal Suspension

The Razor Tracking Team works with you and for you. So when you're fleet is seasonal, the platform can be too.

100% Free Software Training & Resources

Razor Tracking is one of the most user-friendly and simple to use fleet tracking platforms out there, but just in case you want some hands-on-training, we will be there with you, every step of the way.

Unlimited Number of Users

We offer an unlimited number of users within the system. So you can make sure that your whole operations team is on board for improvement.

Vehicle History Records

Review your fleet history up to last 18 months. After 18 months we move your data to a stored server and keep it for you FOREVER. Because it’s your data.

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Download our Free Fleet Tracking Calculator and estimate the impact that not tracking vs tracking can have on your operations.

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