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App Integrations

Razor Tracking is proud to provide several integration options with 3rd party services to support our clients continued success. We overlay weather from NOAA and townships/sections from the Bureau of Land Management into our Google Maps interface.  We can send data to various proprietary client systems as well as to AgVantage, Stoneridge Software, and Levridge to name a few.  We also are able to bring in other data to add to our services, including displaying Raven devices onto our maps, as well as partnering with ATS to provide ELD compliance.



Google Maps

Razor Tracking uses Google Maps as the main interface for the map view that includes the standard map and satellite view.

Bureau of Land Management 

Razor Tracking overlay township and section lines from the Bureau of Land Management.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

In the map, Razor Tracking uses an API that pulls weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


CalAmp is the preferred GPS manufacturer as well as bring a telematics pioneer in the connected vehicle and Industrial Internet of Machines.


Verizon is the preferred network provider for cellular connectivity of Razor Tracking devices.


Razor Tracking prides itself in be able to provide other network providers when others are less than desirable in their area.



With customer’s wishes, Razor Tracking is able to send data to AgVantage to assist in order/workflow management.

Raven Industries (BETA)

Razor Tracking can display Raven Industries field computers onto our system.


With customers wishes, Razor Tracking is able to send data to AgSync to assist in order, workflow, and logistics management.


Levridge by Stonridge Software can embed Razor Tracking vehicle data onto map views within their Dynamics 365 for Ag ERP solution.

ATS e-Track Certified

Razor Tracking also is able to provide ELD service by partnering with ATS e-Track Certified and can utilize fleets with the need of tracking and managing both ELD required and non-ELD vehicles.



WEX fuel card reports are also able to be generated from the Razor Tracking interface.

Other System Integrations and Data Feeds

Razor Tracking can provide data from the system on a regular basis in a format that works with your system. It can be set to generate on a regular basis and customizations are available. Contact us for info.

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