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Razor Tracking Releases eLogging Device App

Electronic Logging Device

On December 18, 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will require commercial trucks and bus drivers to implement a federally approved electronic logging device (ELD) to capture and report hours of service (HOS). This mandate will affect more than 3 million commercial drivers currently required to maintain records of duty status and is intended to help create a safer work environment. Failure to meet the new regulation will lead to fines, driver out-of-service violations, and lower safety scores for business owners.

Razor Tracking launched the eLog Platinum mobile app to help business owners meet the FMCSA mandate quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. A driver simply logs into the mobile app before driving to track hours in real-time. E-log Platinum automatically records driving time for easier, accurate HOS recording. The seamless system:

1. Meets FMCSA requirements.
2. Avoids owner costs associated with paper forms and hour compilations.
3. Reduces human reporting error and simplifies roadside inspections for drivers.
4. Creates instant document capture and sharing ability to streamline FMCSA reporting.
5. Enhances compliance, safety, and accountability scores through accurate and compliant recordkeeping.
6. May help owners lower insurance costs.
7. eLogging helps drivers improve safety on the road.

eLog Platinum offers an integrated vehicle inspection report that enables the driver to log pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections easily as required by the Department of Transportation regulations. An optional interim vehicle inspection also allows the driver to perform spot checks during the day.

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