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Razor 3 Ways to Reduce Overhead and Increase Revenue

3 Ways to Reduce Overhead & Increase Revenue in Your Ag Operations Running a Successful Ag Operations If you want to run a successful ag operation, it just comes with the territory to stress about your P&L impact. You think all the time about how to reduce overhead and increase revenue. Not to mention balancing…

Trust Your Employees

Yes, You Should Trust Your Employees, but is the Feeling Mutual? Do you trust your employees? Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Trust is two parts, I either do, or I don’t. There is no ‘kind of trust’.” And we couldn’t agree more. The “trust factor” is one of the Top 5 Reasons Companies don’t see a need for…

Winfield United Answer Tech

Razor Tracking Joins Winfield United’s Answer Tech Portal Razor Tracking has joined the Winfield United Answer Tech Portal. An industry-leading ag technology app platform that allows agricultural managers to access decision support and management apps in one location, helping them to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and yields. [click_to_tweet tweet=”The Answer Tech Portal is the…