Should You Invest in a Fleet Management System During this Economy?


If the thought of investing in a fleet tracking system has ended with "let's wait until the economy straightens itself back out" then I have some terrible news for you. It wont straighten out and you need to invest. We all need to come to the understanding that we aren't living in a bad or poor economy. We are living in the economy. This is the economy that starves out 75% of all start-ups in the the first 3 years of establishment, $20 gets you practically nothing, and a national deficit that we will never be out of. The magical land of sunshine and rainbows is!

Now more than ever you need tools and systems in place that allows you to take full control of how your business is running and the ability to see where you can add to your top-line and areas where you are hemorrhaging money. The same money that your company needs to stay afloat. The same tools that are going to allow you to increase your customer service to keep the very customers that is making your payroll. No small, medium, or large business can afford to lose a customer or multiple customers in the economy.

"A 5% reduction in operating costs has the same P&L impact as a 30% increase in sales"- Gartner Group

Fleet Tracking systems are designed to help companies like yours do exactly what the above stat says. No longer can fleet tracking be viewed as a tool that a company can do with out it needs to be viewed as a system that a company CAN NOT do with out. The invaluable information you receive from a system can only help your company. There is no bad information when it comes to the performance of your company.

I want to meet with yours and every other company to open the doors to the true power of fleet tracking and fleet management. We need to stop waiting to use tools and systems because of the economy we are living in, but rather start using those tools because of the economy we are living in. Those who wait to use and adapt to technology to their advantage will be bought by those who didn't wait. Those companies will acknowledge and embrace the tools and systems available to to them that allowed them to adapt to the world we are living in.

Don't dissolve, adapt.

If you would like to know more about what fleet tracking can do for your company please connect, and lets meet. Nothing good happens to those who wait. Contact me for a free assessment of you fleet tracking needs, and let's take a look at what fleet tracking and fleet management could do for your company, farm, or business.

Thank You,
Ian Beaton

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  1. Kenneth Gladman on May 8, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    I like that you mentioned the impact that reducing operating costs can have on your financial success. Many people simply look at increasing sales as the way to increase revenue. There are plenty of others ways to do this though.

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