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Why Getting a Fleet Management System Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Make


Fleet Management Systems

It’s hard to ignore the fact that technology is here and is here to stay for businesses. If you look around, you as a manager or an owner have taken the steps to implement the systems and the tools you need to streamline every aspect of your business to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. But have you been neglecting the biggest asset to your company? Have you streamlined the management of the vehicles and equipment you have out running for your company to make sure you are getting the most out of every day?

65% of companies right now are using some sort of fleet managment, fleet tracking and/or asset tracking in their operation compared to only 38% just last year. I wonder why it jumped up almost 30% in one year? Great question, and I’m going to answer that and explain to you why getting a fleet management or tracking system will be the best decision you ever make.


Time is Money! Make sure you know how it’s spent.

The more time you spend working the more money your company is going to make. Its economics 101. However, if you don’t have the ability to manage your fleet or equipment in real-time to make sure the jobs are getting done in the quickest time possible you could just as well throw your money out the window. If you are working in agriculture you have a very short window to make sure you get everything done. Making sure that you can get the most done in a certain amount of time will ensure a great season. Loads in, loads out, acres sprayed and deliveries out are all part of the game. If you can manage their time more efficiently you are going to see an increase in production.


Get Rid of the Paperwork

If you do any paperwork for the fleet of vehicles at your company, or know someone who does – you’re going to like this one! Between scale tickets, keeping track of maintenance, miles driven, time cards, delivery sheets and contracts…the list goes on and on. Fleet management and tracking systems are eliminating the need to keep paper work! ( I should be able to end this section right now and everyone will be excited to have fleet tracking, but I’ll explain a little bit more.) There are reports for maintenance, miles driven, fuel tax, as well as trips and delivieries made that are right in the system that you can keep track of without filling your desk up with paper or having to try to read Jim’s handwriting (you know who you are Jim). The reduction in paperwork is not only saving time, but is saving the company money due to the fact that you don’t have a piece of paper to lose, or the ability to add incorrect miles that result in inaccurate billing or timing. Having the ability to accurately bill timing and deliveries is great in itself. Trust me on this one, anyone who does paper work will love a fleet management system to track everything instantly!


Peace of Mind

There isn’t any better feeling than knowing your operation is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Between the real-time locations, reporting and alerts in the system, you can go home at the end of the day knowing everything is running great. Even if you’re gone, the mobile app and the ability to check the system from anywhere can ease a worrying mind by pulling up your company and just taking a quick peek. You have peace of mind knowing everything inside the company office is running smoothly, why not have that same feeling with everything outside the company office?

Making and saving more money, losing the paper work and peace of mind are three reasons why 30% more companies decided to add fleet tracking from 2015 to today. What would you say is stopping you from using a fleet management and tracking system? Company Size? Your Location? The number of vehicles you have?  We have systems to fit any company in the world.

The easiest decision you can make is to give us a call, we would love to sit with you and show you how you could use fleet management and tracking system regardless of your situation to make your company better. What comes next would be the best decision you’ll ever make…putting Razor Tracking to work for you.