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World Class GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking


If you are an organization that is looking to build your customer service, get information about a particular vehicle or fleet and save yourself money, this product is fast, powerful and easy-to-use.

We at Razor Tracking are continuously building better ways to track your individual vehicles or even tracking your fleets of vehicles. Our product has been used in many different ways.


Ag Co-ops are using Razor Tracking to gain efficiency from tracking their sprayers/spreaders and tender trucks out in the fields. Then using the program to determine where to send tender trucks to refill the sprayers/spreaders. Our System allows the dispatchers in the fertilizer plants the ability to minimize human error. This has saved Ag companies hours among hours during their busy seasons.


With our real-time tracking and newly developed feature, "Public View", cities, towns and counties use our product for customer service purposes.  The Public View features allows any user to go to their website and view where the garbage truck/street sweeper/snow plow has been during that day.  With this view it frees up time for the employees at the street department to do their job in a more efficient way.  More importantly if gives the city fleet manager piece of mind that the city's investments are doing their job correctly.


With our product we are not selling a spy tool for your drivers, but we do understand that your company has made an investment in the equipment that you use along with the people that you hire.  The trucking and delivery companies have been using our product to gain that overall piece of mind, but more importantly getting a chance to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times with the click of a button.  This helps them with many different operations in their company.   Razor Tracking is helping with anything from dispatching the vehicles, letting the customer know when the truck is getting close, to even helping them save gas by less idling.  By having our product implemented into their company they have showed a 10% in savings just in their gas bill during the first year!

Razor Tracking is benefiting businesses everyday.  We are built on customer feedback, easy to use features and very intuitive functions.

Find out how Razor Tracking can benefit your bottom line!

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